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Monday, April 10, 2006

Lambing Season Soccer Betting

From May till September took sheeps of breed, two dogs and
Sent to live in mountains Dzho-Dzhonsa. And all the summer long lovely spent in a floor.

Each couple of weeks Ken Ouen sent one of the Mexicans with a cargo
Products, but during remained time she was one with the sheeps and dogs.
She liked loneliness. The silence liked. Some of sheep breaders, that she
Knew, without a stop chattered with dogs, with rocks, with porcupines, sang
Songs also listened to radio, aloud read the magazines, but allowed silence in her, and in the early summer she started to hear crackling dry
Grasses as language from which she almost could translate. Dogs called and. " To me, ", she when they went with sheeps spoke. " Forward,. " From May till September these words-commands to dogs were is almost unique
Cases when she heard own voice; moreover, when the Mexican
Brought products, polite conversation in Spanish about weather, about health
Dogs, about fruitfulness it is bright.
- very old breed. The ranch About-bar had a federal section in
Mountains where stones and rare grasses well approached which it is furious
Protect the lambs and possess a wool which covers from
Bad weather. They it is good on a poor grass of mountains, there, where other sheeps
Lose in weight and give the lambs . The Mexican was the old person.
He has told, that remembers since the childhood spent on high mountains Oaksaka,
with four horns, two are inflexed, two downwards. " Buen carne, ", has told
He . Extremely good meat.

In the beginning of a season smelling a juniper, a wormwood and pollen the wind blew with Southwest, in later months he blew directly from the east, dry, smelling
Dust and the smoke, a bringing downpour of withered leaves, seeds of a yarrow and
Winter cresses. From the east the thunder-storms, enormous cloudy landscapes often came with Heart from furious and dim greens. During such time, if Soccer betting
Spent the night on a ridge, Soccer betting rose from bed and went downhill to find
Hollow where felt in safety but if Soccer betting broke camp on
Low place remained with Soccer bettingeps while war passed above their heads,
Effectively bursts of the lightnings, a cannonade of a thunder given a skull.
Probably, it was absorbed in a bone Soccer betting, knowledge and a habit to mountain weather,For they got off together and waited a thunder-storm with surprising composure; They it is mild stood, while the rain whipped sharp blinding impulses.

Soccer bettingep breeding - simple job though Soccer betting knew several Soccer betting pherds,
Which managed to make its heavy, every minute setting on lambs
Dogs, holding their close group and all time moving. Soccer betting allowed Soccer bettingeps
To be grazed, to do, that they will want, to make own decisions. If
The flock started to be divided, Soccer betting could whistle or shout and quite often

The stray were turned and joined the fundamental herd. Only when they
Were thoroughly scattered, Soccer betting sent dogs. In the core Soccer betting it is simple one
Eye looked after Soccer bettingeps, making sure, that they feed well, that
The flock was not scattered, that they remain within the limits of a section About-bar. Soccer betting studied
Soccer bettingeps to understand language of their body, and tried to operate them as it is possible more close to
To their nature. When Soccer betting spread for them salt has scattered it on stones and
as though hid easter eggs because saw how they
Enjoy navigations.

From a spring grass their manure was thinnish, therefore Soccer betting cut out
Wool from a tail part of Soccer bettingeps a couple of sharp scissors with short edges. Soccer betting
Gave Soccer bettingeps , straightened them копытца, looked, whether is not present at
a mastitis. Soccer betting cleaned prickles from the dog skins, and checked them on
Ticks. You such good , Soccer betting spoke them the palms. I very much,
Very much I am proud of you.

It had an old field-glass 7х32, and long quiet days Soccer betting
Watched herds of wild horses in several miles from itself, shaggy mares
With cross-section strips and black legs. They read old numbers local
Newspapers, looking out in necrologues names of friends. Soccer betting read broken
Novels in soft covers, displayed patiences and searched the ground in navigations
Tips of arrows and stones, that later Soccer betting will sell . Soccer betting
Studied the dried up brown grass full of grasshoppers, bugs, crickets and
Ants. But the most part of day Soccer betting simply went. Soccer bettingeps were sometimes arranged
For the night far enough from its trailer and her it was necessary to reach them
Till a dawn when could leave on the murders. Usually Soccer betting
Rose in three or four and went to Soccer bettingeps in darkness. Sometimes Soccer betting was reset in
Camp for a lunch, but always again was with Soccer bettingeps down to a decline, when
it would be desirable to return, and then went home in darkness, and fed dogs,
Ate a supper and laid down in bed.
In the first years on Soccer betting Soccer betting often left on rub-four miles from
Flocks simply to look, that there behind mountain, or to study intricate
Architecture monuments. To heap up planar stones in the form of
Obelisk was usual pastime of Soccer bettingpherds, their monuments stood on
To all Soccer bettingep country and though Soccer betting never felt an impulse to start to build
Own, Soccer betting admired with that other people have built. Sometimes Soccer betting
It was deleted on the whole miles from the way, is simple to look on stone
Heap is closer.
Soccer betting had the mental map of a section broken into ten pastures. Everyone
Some days when Soccer bettingeps should be translated on a new pasture, Soccer betting
Moved the camp. Soccer betting dragged the trailer on a tow old
Dodge on stones and channels of streams, on fenny and dry meadows, up to
The newest place. Some time after the motor was switched off and
The heavy old body of the lorry settled on buss, Soccer betting is simple , a head
Filled with a stupid roar of a white noise.
At it was nearby lambs, beginning from the lambs, many on two and
On three. Ferocity of Soccer bettingeps Soccer betting at protection of offsprings sometimes turned in
Problem for dogs, but at leading balance Soccer betting understood, that fury
Allows to save losses small. The set lived on Soccer betting, and
Sometimes on northern slopes of mountains from a hydrochloric frying pan of desert got
Or a bear, looking out the best place for itself. These animals looked on
Soccer bettingeps as on fair extraction, and Soccer betting understood, that they in the right; but so
And its right, her and dogs to side with Soccer bettingeps. It is cleverer than a Soccer bettingep, than usually
People think, and Soccer betting it is cleverer than other Soccer bettingeps, that Soccer betting held, however to middle
Summer eternally whispered each other words " buen carne ", and Soccer betting with dogs
It was necessary to work, saving Soccer bettingeps from harm.

In an old-fashioned holster on a belt Soccer betting carried a pistol - a colt of 32 calibres.
If you Soccer betting to be better to you cautious with this woman, Soccer betting spoke the
Body, how Soccer betting stood, and how Soccer betting went when carried a pistol.
The weapon and holster once belonged to mother of its mother, the woman that has come
On the West in itself and which for some time has lodged in a canyon
. Grandmother Delii liked to tell history, as careful
The neighbour, bachelor with kinds on a woman suiting in the wife, has imposed to her the weapon,
When were on a track of war with army of general Dzhoela Palmer, and as
Soccer betting never used it, except for how to shoot rabbits.
In July Soccer betting has killed the lamb while Soccer betting spent the night no more than in two hundred
Foots from sleeping Soccer bettingeps. There was twilight, Soccer betting sat on a trailer,
Reading a fascinating western, in weakening light close being tilted to
To pages, and dogs dozed at its legs. Soccer betting has heard a weak sound, strange
Thin small shout which Soccer betting has not distinguiSoccer bettingd, and has then understood, has jumped
On legs also has snatched out the weapon, on , on dogs, its cry has frightened
All flock which has jumped on legs, but Soccer bettingeps have reacted too late, Soccer betting
Has shot too late, and anything good has not left from this, except for
Demonstrations of fear and anger.
The lion-кугуар, probably, would drag away the lamb entirely; Soccer betting knew, that when
Lions the unique certificate remain blood on a grass, yes kill
Shivering guts in a beam of a small lamp. But Soccer betting it is small and kills a sting in a throat, and
Then, probably, eats only a liver and heart though mummy-Soccer betting can carry away
How much will be located in own stomach, will gobble up in haste and will carry away home
To puppies. pistol Soccer betting has frightened off before he could though
Something to bite off, and the lamb twitched on a grass, blood went only
From a neck. Mother-lamb was above it, sadly and plaintively crying, but anything
It was impossible to make, and in some minutes the lamb has died.
There was no sense to pursue for Soccer betting, and in any case all flock now
Was chaotic mess of alarm and confusion; have passed hours, while mother-lamb
Has stopped while Soccer betting and to dogs it was possible to calm a flock and to lay
Them again to sleep almost at midnight. By then the dead lamb has stiffened on
To the ground and Soccer betting has carried away it for the lorry, has skinned and has allowed dogs to eat
Meat that was against its nature, however in the unique way to not give
to return for.

While dogs worked above the lamb, Soccer betting stood, having puSoccer bettingd both hands to
To tired back, looking at Soccer bettingeps, on their spotty figure , almost
Shone on a background of a black landscape, on stars, it is dense and brightly shining above
The weak loop of a rocky ridge, stood there some instants, before
To be turned to a trailer, to bed, and then good Soccer betting always thought, how Soccer betting,
a lamb and the dark July moon, spasmes in its back, as all this
Has converged together and became the reason, that Soccer betting stood there, examining the sky, became
The reason, that Soccer betting has seen short, bright green burst in a southwest, and
Then the сернисто-yellow strip cut night from a southwest to the West
A decreasing arch on the Ledge Lame. It was the wide bright tape, in the dimension
Rainbows, cyanotic a trace. It was not a meteor, Soccer betting saw hundreds
Meteors. Soccer betting has risen and has looked there.

In the sky the distance matters, lose prospect, and it is heavy to judge
Even about impact of a lightning, whether Soccer betting here has amazed this hill, or following, or
Valley between them. Therefore Soccer betting understood, that the piece which has fallen from the sky, can
To appear on many miles to the West from Lame, even at all on Lame,
Which was all in two miles, at least in two miles, and to go there
All on ridges and stones to not make the way in any way by a truck. Soccer betting has reflected.
Soccer betting had to move camp earlier in the afternoon, that always job,
Then there was up to hot day, and now still an excitement with Soccer betting. Soccer betting
It is very tired, the weariness a stone lays on a breast. Soccer betting does not know, what is this
The piece has fallen from the sky. Can, when Soccer betting will approach there will find simply dead
The satellite or the broken meteorological balloon, instead of dead or
The mutilated people. The trace of inversion slowly thinned, while Soccer betting stood there,
Examining it, becoming wide yellowish on a background
Blacknesses, with the star field vaguely flickering through it.
After a while Soccer betting has returned to the lorry, has got a bottle for
Waters also has filled it, has taken as a packet of first aid and a couple reserve
for a small lamp, a handful of reserve cartridges to a pistol, has put all
It in a backpack, has thrown with straps shoulders and has started to rise above from dark Camp and sleeping Soccer bettingeps. Dogs have ceased to gnaw the dead lamb and is disturbing Have run after, wishing to follow her or not wishing that Soccer betting left
Soccer bettingeps. "Remain", Soccer betting has sharply told, and they have returned, have remained with a flock and
Looked, how Soccer betting leaves. Soccer betting - he us will not disturb this today
At night, here that Soccer betting spoke dogs the body, leaving away, and Soccer betting believed, What is it, most likely, the truth.
Now, when Soccer betting has decided to go, Soccer betting walked quickly. It was its the sixth Year in mountains and by this time Soccer betting knew district rather well. Soccer betting not Used a small lamp. Without it Soccer betting has adapted to covered by stars
To darkness, could distinguish stones and sample a track. Air stood cool, but
Filled with smells of the heat going from rocks and the singed ground. Soccer betting nothing
Heard, except for own breath and a crunch of gravel under legs. Small
The owl has roamed in silence and has then daSoccer bettingd away aside cotton trees, Black silhouette costing in northeast.

The ledge Lame was the greater sticking out block of basalt, entirely
Lean . While Soccer betting made the way between trees, a smell
Something like ozone or sulfur became very strong, and air became dense,
a dust. Strings yellowish a trace hanged down from branches
Trees. Soccer betting has crossed top of a ledge and has left on plates of a planar rock, with
Which there was a kind on the West. Below in a hollow with abrupt slopes the big piece
Metal in the form of a wing was based upon the ground, Soccer betting in the beginning has counted it
Torn off from the plane, but has then understood, what is it the whole thing, not a fragment, and
Has ceased to look out for the rests of wreck. Soccer betting has sat down on and became
To watch. The yellow dust slowly settled from the sky, pollen falling asleep to her hair,
Shoulders, socks a boot, slightly dulling is oily-black shine of a wing,
Is that piece that resembled a wing.
While Soccer betting sat there on , something has left from under its slope
Bottom, Soccer betting, Soccer betting has thought in the beginning, but then it it has appeared not Soccer betting, and
The dog folded as the hound or fleet, narrow-chested, long-legged, very
and fragile on a kind. Soccer betting waited, that for someone, the person, will be sampled
After the dog, but nobody was sampled. Soccer betting has sat down to cast, then
Has run off on short distance, on and began to consider
Event. Soccer betting too has reflected. Soccer betting , that Soccer betting could send
One. Russian have sent a lonely dog in the small satellite,
Soccer betting has recalled. Soccer betting has thought, that lean, almost hairless Soccer betting with fragile
Bones will soon enough be lost, if there will be one in this district. And Soccer betting
Has thought, that inside of a wing there can be a person, dead or too
The victim to be sampled. Soccer betting thought, how much efforts to go down on
To this abrupt rocky rock in darkness to rescue a useless dog and
The deadman.
After a while Soccer betting has risen and has started to make the way in a hollow. Soccer betting to
To this time sniffed at the ground, making around of a black wing slow,
Cautious circle. Soccer betting continued to expect, that Soccer betting will look upwards and ,
However he continued the persevering inspection of the ground as though was deaf,
As a stone, as though boots Soccer betting made a roar on friable
Gravels, were not the loud announcement, that someone goes down downwards. Soccer betting
Has thought of old truck as from it at it always rings in
Ears, and, probably, with it Soccer betting and it the satellite the same,
Though on the sky the wing fell silently.
When Soccer betting has overcome approximately halfway from a hill has slipped and
Has moved down on six-eight foots, yet has not stuck heels into the ground and has not hung,
Having caught in a willow bush. A kind of this movement - the stones strewed to ,
Or the lifted dust - should be have frightened Soccer betting for he has suddenly jumped aside back,
And then also has moved back. Soccer betting silently looked against each other, Soccer betting and Soccer betting,
Soccer betting stood, leaning on an abrupt slope of a hill approximately in ten above
Bottom of a hollow, and Soccer betting, stood beside with the satellite, and stood absolutely
Having straightened on back legs, as a bear or the person, absolutely any more
Reminding Soccer betting, and, more likely, the person with a narrow long muzzle, a narrow breast,
Turned out back , the person with graceful dog legs. Genitals
More resembled on cat's, rather than dog, obviously man's, but very much
Small, accurate and . However, under the frowned forehead, dark and
Small, the dog eyes so Soccer betting has recalled about and Soccer betting,
As they looked following when Soccer betting has left their one with a flock. Soccer betting years
Kept up acquaintance to dogs and understood there is enough to turn away,
Having interrupted a sight. And in a second Soccer betting as has recalled about an old pistol in
To holster on a belt. In cowboy's films the person would unbutton the belt and
Would put on the ground gesture of peace intentions, but it seemed to her, what is it only
The notice will draw to the weapon, to true applicability of the weapon, which
Is always intended to kill. Of this woman there is absolutely nothing to be afraid,
Soccer betting spoke the body, costing very easy on an abrupt slope of a hill,
Keeping for a branch of a willow in hands and vaguely looking to the left of it, where
The smooth link covered rose and collected a layer of a yellowish dust.
Soccer betting, that is the Soccer betting-person, has opened a mouth and has yawned, as do dogs,
Wishing to be released from nervousness, and then both have fallen asleep and for about a minute
Were silent. When he at last was turned and has stepped aside a wing, it was
Unexpected, graceful movement, in accuracy as the ballet dancer walks on
Tiptoes, having turned out knees, lifting long thin legs; and then he
Has lowered on all four and again became almost that Soccer betting. He has returned to the
To employment concentrated ground though enough often lifted
Eyes to look, whether costs still Soccer betting on a rocky slope. For standing there
Was . When knees at last have not sustained, Soccer betting is very cautious
there, where was to not frighten off it. He has already got used to her to that
To the moment, and its short slanting sight spoke: This woman there above
There is absolutely nothing to be afraid.
That he searched or wiSoccer bettingd to learn, was for it a riddle. Soccer betting expected, that
He will start to collect stones, as all those muzhiks that flied on the moon, but he
Only sniffed at the ground, doing a wide slow circle near a wing, as Soccer betting
Did every morning near a trailer, having lowered a nose, reading in aSoccer bettings, as in the book.
And when he, appear, was satisfied with that has learned, he has again risen and
Has looked back on , last sight thrown through a shoulder, before
Has again dropped to four and has faded under edge of a wing, serious,
Sight, such which the dog or the person, throw on you before
To go on the affairs, a sight which spoke: You will be Soccer betting, if
I shall leave? If he was Soccer betting and if Soccer betting was close enough to it,
Soccer betting would scratch a smooth head, has felt a solid bone inside, has spent
Palm on soft ears. Certainly, all Soccer betting, you can go now, Mr. Pes:
Here that Soccer betting would tell the hands. Then he has crept in darkness under a bend
Wing where Soccer betting has understood there should be a door, the hatch leading in a body of the machine,
And through any time he has departed to darkness of a July new moon.
All the next weeks, at night, when the moon had a seat or yet
Rose, Soccer betting looked out for burst and a trace something falling through darkness with
Southwest. In the first month Soccer betting still saw its arrival and leaving to that twice
Hollow on the western party of Rock Lame. Both of time Soccer betting left
Pistol in a trailer, walked there, sat in darkness on a stone plate above
Hollow also watched it a couple of hours. He, probably, waited for it, or felt it
The smell because both of time he rose and looked at it at once, as soon as
Soccer betting took seat. But then he transferred to the to affairs. This woman absolutely
It is not necessary to be afraid, he spoke the body, how continued to sniff
The ground, all expanding and expanding the circle, sometimes taking in a mouth or
and tasting as Soccer betting with good manners does when
Investigates something and does not pay notice to the person beside.
Soccer betting has solved, that the hollow behind Rock Lame was one of its regular
Parking, like ten camps which Soccer betting used again and again,
When grazed Soccer bettingeps on mountains Dzho-Dzhonsa; but after these three times in the first month
Soccer betting is more it did not see.
In the end of September Soccer betting has resulted Soccer bettingeps downwards in About-bar. After have taken away
Lambs, Soccer betting has taken the flock Soccer bettingeps in prairie of Nelson for the autumn, and in
To middle of November when a snow, Soccer betting has resulted them on a forage reserve. It
There was all job that was for it on ranch in the Soccer bettingep season. Soccer betting and Soccer betting
Belonged About-bar. They have remained in a court yard and looked, how Soccer betting leaves.
In city Soccer betting has removed the same room, as year earlier, and, as before,
Has spent the most part of an annual card for getting drunk most and
To put on a liqueur glass to other Soccer bettingpherds. Soccer betting has ceased to look in the sky.
In March Soccer betting has returned on ranch. In awful weather they built Soccer betting and
Maternity small houses, also carried by lorries of pregnant lambs from Green, where them
Fattened wheaten straw. Some lambs were delivered on a way in
The lorry, and after each flight the wave of newborn lambs acted. Soccer betting
Worked in a night shift which divided with the Plenty Joyce, the guy, that
Grew up a sugar beet in a valley and every year came for the Soccer bettingep season. In
Black, a cold of middle of night on eight-ten lambs at once.
, , greater singles, some quads, lambs, at which
Lambs were born dead, lambs too sick or refusing to feed
Lambs. They with the Plenty skinned dead lambs, feeding to dogs of ranch, and
Turned in skins from the big issue, intending to deceive
The deprived issue of lambs that they have received them for own, and
Sometimes it worked. All maternity small houses were quickly filled, and Soccer betting
Were filled, and even sometimes lambs with newborn lambs stood on
Cold, expecting when the place will be released.
It is impossible to pull out got stuck lamb in gloves, it is necessary to climb in a uterus
Fingers that the lamb to turn or to unhook the umbilical cord which has rolled up for
Leg or to be seized by a leg, therefore palms Soccer betting it is eternal and were
Damp, and then bursted and bled. The ranch has got a little old
School buses also has altered in small houses for residing workers, and Soccer betting
Fell on a cot with a dawn, and then could not fall asleep, shivering in
The bus when the grey daylight exuded in windows, under unremitting day time
from Soccer bettingep . All Soccer bettingep breaders were hurted with throats, were quinsy with
Constant cough. Dig Joyce looked as features, with deep bags under
Eyes, dark blue under color of lanterns, and Soccer betting has calculated, that Soccer betting looks very much
Similar, but from the very beginning of a season Soccer betting was not looked in a mirror and at all
Spent a brush on hair.
Toward the end the second week only the handful of lambs yet was not delivered. Nights
Became quieter. Weather has improved also a thin strike of a snow has thawn on a grass.
In new moon Soccer betting stood near maternity small houses, having a drink coffee from a thermos.
Soccer betting has thrown back a head and for a second has delayed heat of coffee in a mouth, and when
Has swallowed, lowering a chin edge of an eye has caught a tail of green burst
And the thin yellow link which has crossed out the sky so it is far, that any another
For certain the meteor would think, what is it, but he was brighter and fell from a southwest on
The West, also can be, is direct on the Ledge Lame. Soccer betting stood and looked. Soccer betting
It is devilishly tired, it was hurted with a throat from what it became better not, and Soccer betting
Hardly could compress fingers around of a thermos, they so hurted and .
Soccer betting has told to the Plenty that feels tired as a horse, and whether will consult
He, if Soccer betting will leave for city in clinic of first aid, has then taken one of
Trucks of ranch, has driven a little on highway, and has curtailed on cut up
road that conducted upwards up to Джо-.
Night was absolutely clear and all was visible far. Soccer betting was in an hour
Drivings from years pastures Soccer betting when has started to see yellow-orange blinking
For a black crest of a ridge, a weak nimbus, like that mark far
Fires on a ridge at the years nights.
Soccer betting had to leave the lorry at a ledge and to clamber last
Or about that on legs, the small lamp from was necessary to pull out mile and
To try to find with its help a footpath upwards, because shivering
The reddish luminescence by then has already stopped, and a dense veil of a smoke
Has tightened the sky and has eclipsed stars. Its eyes were scratched and burned, from them flew
Tears, however from a smoke there has passed a sick throat. Soccer betting rose slowly, breathing
Wing a rough path through a bush on all
To top also has collapsed approximately on one hundred pieces. Soccer betting wandered through
Burnt and the rests of wreck, a small lamp in
Smoky darkness, not expecting to find that Soccer betting searches, but he was there, laying in the party
From pieces of metal on a smooth stone plate at edge of a hollow. He
Breathed superficially and its closed overalls from short brown fur was
It is soiled by blood. He laid so, that Soccer betting at once has understood, that at it is broken
Back. When he has seen, that Soccer betting approaches, its forehead is disturbing was wrinkled.
Or the dog can bite the patient, Soccer betting understood it, but all the same
Has sat down beside on . It only I, have told Soccer betting to him, having lighted not in it
The person, and in the . Then Soccer betting has started talking to it. "Soccer betting", Soccer betting has told, " here I and
Here ", not too reflecting on sense of words, and whether is in them in general
Any sense, and only then Soccer betting could recall, that is very similar he
In general was deaf person. He has sighed and has translated a sight from it somewhere afar, where,
As Soccer betting has assumed, he already saw a coming nearer death.
On close distance he not so strongly reminded a dog, only the form
The long head, ears sticking out upwards and round darkness of the eyes. He
Laid on the planar ground on one side, as a dog whom the machine has moved, and
Which dies on a roadside, but also the person would lay precisely so when dies.
It had palms deprived nails with small there, where at Soccer betting
There would be forepaws. Soccer betting has suggested him to take a mouthful from the bottle with
Water, but it seemed, that he does not want it, and Soccer betting is simply silent with it sat,
Holding it for a hand which was smooth as at the lamb, in comparison with
The cracked and coarsened flesh of its palm. A battery of a small lamp have sat down, and,
Sitting there in cold darkness, Soccer betting has found its head and ironed it,
Spending rough fingers on a bone of its skull, around of soft ears, weak
. Can, it and was not for it especially consolatory, but Soccer betting
Found a consolation, doing it. Certainly, Soccer betting, you can leave.
Soccer betting heard, how he sighs, again, and every time then sighs
Thought, whether its death has come. Soccer betting has reflected, that Soccer betting, or especially
Dog, would understand about it the person, and now, while Soccer betting
Listened, expecting to hear, whether he will begin to breathe again, to her was thought, that

It is a pity, that Soccer betting has not grasped with herself Soccer betting or , though at all from that
Old curiosity. When its husband died several years earlier, in that
The moment when he did last sigh, Soccer betting which Soccer betting then
Held, and ran backwards-forward from input up to a back door
Houses as if he saw or were heard with something invisible to her. People spoke, what is it
The soul of its husband left at a door or its angel entered. Soccer betting did not know, that this
Soccer betting saw, either heard, or felt, but would like to know. And now Soccer betting wanted,
That any Soccer betting was a number and served as the witness.
Soccer betting continued to iron it even after he has died, after that,
As Soccer betting was convinced, that he is dead, ironed after has cooled down its body, and
Then Soccer betting has stiffened has risen from the stained with blood ground, has collected stones and
Has filled up it on a couple of foots of height so that it have not found and have not dug out.
Soccer betting did not know what to do with fragments, therefore with them absolutely nothing
Has made.
In May when Soccer betting again has resulted Soccer betting in mountains Dzho-Dzhonsa, the rests
The broken wing already , became small slices with smooth
Edges, as if splinters of sea glasses that you find on a beach, and Soccer betting
Has thought, that so it and intended: in the beginning to collapse on a part
Too small that someone has noted them, and then quickly to be used up in
Dust. However stones, that Soccer betting has folded atop its bodies, seem similar on
The beginning of a monument, therefore Soccer betting has begun slow job on its erection above
And to transformation in a monument. Soccer betting collected and is smooth
Slices of a wing, spreading from them a series of extending circles around of bottom
Monument. Soccer betting continued to impose stones all the summer long and till September,
While the monument has not reached height in fifteen foots. In the mornings, costing with Soccer bettingeps in
Several miles from it, Soccer betting examined it in the field-glass, and thought of that,
How to lift it still above, and all continued to be surprised, that under
All other monuments of Soccer bettingpherds that rise in this country. At night Soccer betting
Watched the sky, but behind it nobody has come.
In November when Soccer betting has finiSoccer bettingd with Soccer bettingeps and Soccer betting has returned to city,
also has found the guy who knew about supervision over stars and
Understood in telescopes. He has allowed to esteem to her some books and has sent it in certain
Pawnshop where Soccer betting has given the most part of an annual card for a telescope-reflector
14х75. In clear, moonless nights Soccer betting met the guy-astronomer on
Baseball field of small league also took seat on harmonious a canvas chair,
Having put an eye to an eyepiece of a telescope while he told to her about that Soccer betting
Sees: the moon of the Floodlight, a fog the Pelican, galaxy . The telescope had
mount, and Soccer betting has shown her how to make small self-made
The device that Soccer betting could mount old 7х32 the field-glass on this
Tripod too. Soccer betting used the field-glass with wider field of vision for
Navigation of star congestions and small constellations. Soccer betting did not pay notice on
The most part of inconveniences, could sit easy in one pose on
Hours in succession, knocking teeth from a cold, steadfastly looking in the immense arch
Heavens while it is final not and not , hardly capable
To rise and walk home. The astronomy as Soccer betting has found out, was job for
Patient, but whether Soccer bettingeps have learned its patience, whether it was available in it
To the nature still before Soccer betting has borrowed .

The end.