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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strange soccer betting

To Michael who would consult with any best soccer betting _ 1 _ Strange sensation. Strange and
Frightening. best soccer betting soccer betting again best soccer betting on a box. It, appear, under ithim,
Taking the form of a body; the head, a back and legsfoots, plunging into ithim, felt soft
Heat. Two adapted a silvery helmet to best soccer betting on a head. A kind at
Them serious, anxious. Jokes it is not audible. The window, near was visible to best soccer betting
Which there was itshis father and mother with the doctor soccer betting. They lookedappeared too gloomy.
Worried. best soccer betting has smiled to them, showing, that to him is not terrible. It was clear, that
Through thick a window they do not hear itshis voice. He wanted gesture
To encourage them, but itshis wrists were already to a box. At last all was
It is ready. Technicstechnical equipment have receded back, sendhave left from best soccer betting's field of vision. Now, he knew,
They sit at the big control panel, surrounded in hundreds dials,
Devices and videoscreens. " If something will go not so, they at once will stop
Test, - best soccer betting has thought, - it is exact ". - best soccer betting, you are ready? - has asked
Amanda, . - So it is exact! - he has responded, perhaps is unduly loud. In
Ears pulse boomingly knocked. " On screens it is visible, as at me heart " beats.-
Close eyes, best soccer betting, - Amanda has toldsaid, this time is softer. - Present, that
You fall asleep. best soccer betting has closed eyes. " I shall not sleep ". Through loweredomitted he
Has seen weak gleams of light, in opinion of floated vague pictures. In ears
Soft rustling was heard - it reminded rustling a breeze in foliage big
Sprawling tree. Light and shadows have moved. Painfully flashes of a star.
All body has involuntarily strained, has shuddered. Then he has felt, as on
To ithimthem there has passedthere has taken place a wave weak, but steady vibration. It and really was
Whiff of a wind. It was felt, how it fur on all body. Was
It is audible, as it is carried by on a wood. He has opened eyes. He sat at top of a hill,
Sniffing, whether the breeze of a smell of danger or food will inform. Famine by a stupidblunt pain
Turned deeply inside itshis large body. Something was not by way of, not so,
As it is usual. He has begun to roar, and from depth of itshis huge breast the thunderous roar was pulled outhas escaped.
Below at bottom of a hill the small brisk bird has sharply hitched up a head and there and then
, . When growls soccer betting, all other animal
It is necessary to run up. " He has reachedachieved contact! " - has sounded somewhere inside of a brain
best soccer betting. But it was a strange, alien voice whence from apart. Any attituderelation
To ithimthem he had no. He has risen on all six paws. Claws were stuck in grassy
Ground. At bottom of a hill the wood, and there, among itshis stately trees began, was
Food. Top of a hill - a good place, itshis liked place where he sleeps and where
Drags extraction to eat. When he at top of a hill, any creature not
It will be put there. When he leaves, to breakdisturb borders venture only
Devourers fell - with disgusting beaks and
Small yellow-eyed creatures, whose teeth crack bones. Cautious
At a tort he has gone down on a slope - three tons of alive weight, growth in with small
Tree, all from muscles and famine, - moving quickly and silently, as grey
Cloud, but the cloud armed by sparkling teeth and sharp claws. A word-
soccer betting. " Definitely, he in contact. He can grasp management? "
" Wait... Give him time... Do not press too ". The greens of a wood is more dark, than
Grass on the open slope of a hill. Above clouds, dark on a background were borncarried downwind
The bright sky. All wood has been spotted by their shadows, and here and there was dark, almost as
At night. The breeze, singing, informed from this dense delightful wood the whole
The symphony of smells: both colorsflowers, and a grass, both mosses, and high harmonous trees,
Shaken, as ifas in dance. And more, that it is much more important, smells of animals,
Food: the swift-footed antelopes, desperately fighting the horns and sharp hoofs,
Small , greaterbig , hidden in holes all
Light time of day. There was an early morning. The far sun seemed only bright
Speck in the sky. It has not had time to rise yet above the ground and was partially shaded
Trees. Altair which will ascend in the afternoon, is too bright, it is impossible to look at ithim
In an emphasis. "Altair". Though the name also has emerged in itshis memory, in him was felt
Any singularity, extreneity. He was stolen in a wood, moving silently, as the snake,
Having cleanedremoved claws, having aggravated all feelings, all on call to occurrence of food or danger.
soccer betting is more senior, adults at which it is a lot of best soccer betting and cubs, can sleep
In the afternoon, at night sending the best soccer betting on hunting. Except for protection best soccer betting and cubs,
They domake nothing more. Young best soccer betting it is necessary to hunt in
The single, mainly in the afternoon, they will not be typedcollected yet enough forces, that
To causecall the adult on a duel for one of ithim best soccer betting is younger. He
Underbrush silently, silently. To a stream - there will be what to eat. Stealing up to
To stream alee, he felt a smell of antelopes on a watering place, whereas they not
Could notice on a smell of itshis approachapproximation. It is good. The empty belly drove ithim
Forward. " You are not going to to leave ithim and to allow him... " " Generally I
Did not intend itthis to domake, but, similar, he is so well connected with itthis
Animal, that I would not like to return ithim now "." However... " " All in
The order. If he is going to to work with an animal, he should be allowed
To animal is "." Strange sounds ", - he has thought. Buzz, as midges above an ear. But
This hum was inside of a head. Having stirred up the massive head, he has doubled
Care, and now moved ahead slowly as murmur of a stream was
It is audible already nearby. He has sprawled in a bush, having nestled to the ground,
Has cautiously spread forward. Gauging then. The stream had six horned
, cooling the sharp hoofs in a running stream. That one, another
The animal bent to water, and the others at this time, highly having lifted a head,
Cautiously looked back around Lambing Season Soccer Betting. Constraining growl, he has stolen up and madeproduced to
To jump. As soon as the nearest animal will loweromit a head... He has jumped out from
Bushes, a grey stroke of death being aimed at the nearest antelope. The others,
Highly jumping up, have there and then rushed in all directions. The victim planned by ithim too
Has jumped, but it is direct forward, in the middle of a stream. Water was superficial, but fast, and
The antelope has stumbled. Well, and anything else also is not required. Only one
Time having concernedtouched with all six paws of the ground, he again has jumped directly on
Back to an antelope. Strong having seized a fleshy body of an animal back and average
Paws, he impact of a lobby has broken to him a neck. In a cloud they have together fallen in water.
He has got out on coast of a stream, holding extraction by two forepaws and
Moving on back and average paws. The smell of blood, meat was insuperable.
Having lifted to heavens huge a head, he has sounded about
To victory; from itshis roar the ground has shuddered. " Stop it! Stop! " " Return
ItHim! " " It is good, to allow him to participate in a feast there is no need. We finish ".
_ 2 _ best soccer betting has opened eyes and again it has appeared onboard the ship. He knew, that itshis body
Also did not leaveabandon a box, nevertheless... Amanda and more one unfastened ithim. To
Box mother has directed; in itsher such darling, the native personface were reflected trouble and
Pride. - that's all right, best soccer betting? He has noded, only here having noticed, that on a head
notes of a metal helmet. - certainly, that's all right, - he has toldsaid. Weakness,
However, was. He _чувствовал_ weakness, was slightly turned a head. Here was
And itshis father. - you have excellently coped with job, best soccer betting. We are proud you.
Having risen, he wished to sit down, and here before itshis eyes all has swayed. - best soccer betting!
- Mother has seized, ithim for a hand. - anything, - the doctor soccer betting. - EasyLight loss has toldsaid
Orientations, it was necessary to expect itthis. All will manage. Amanda has approachedsuited to best soccer betting with
Cup of a liquid, on itsher dark personface a smile. - well-ка, the Pathfinder, bitterns it.-
The pathfinder? Amanda's smile has become even more widely: - LookSee in library. It from
Books which to you should be esteemed. He has smiled to her in the answer and has drunk a medicine.
It was warm and pleasant. As Amanda. - as you feel yourself? - again
Has asked mother. - it is good. Perfectly. - really? - yes, really! The father already
Has turned away and talked with the doctor soccer betting. - As our businessaffairs now? soccer betting
Has looked at best soccer betting and has slowly passedhas slowly taken place with doctor Holmenom through a room to the panel
Managements. - so, - he has easy toldsaid, - your boy has reachedachieved strong contact
With best soccer betting. If the same good contact will turn out each time, we shall manage
To use soccer betting as the researcher, the scout... To find others
Animals with which too it is possible to work. - you think, that other children too
Will manage to reachachieve contact to local animals? - I Hope, - soccer betting has shrugged shoulders.
- From us, adults, the big success for certain you will not wait. This business - for
. Either they will consult, or we should pack suitcases and to send
Back to the Earth. best soccer betting watchedkept up, how two of them slowly walked on
Sparkling laboratories. Father best soccer betting was large broad-shouldered the man with
Mighty torso, itshis strong, courageous personface framed long golden
Hair. As best soccer betting, swarty, , with thin was unlike ithim
Features. The doctor soccer betting was , is low, a little , with the first
Attributes . Eternally it seemed, that he has forgotten to shave. But at ithim always
There were clear, cheerful eyes which smiled even then when the personface remains
Serious. - I would tellsay, test has crowned full success, - the doctor has toldsaid
soccer betting. Eyebrowes soccer betting have spread upwards: - Yes, but we yet do not know, whether he can
To operate an animal. - certainly... But he was in such strong contact. And what
On all channels of sense organs - screens those showed passage in accuracy;
That saw at this time an animal. The mind boggles! - I think nevertheless, that they not
Are blind. Though they do not have anything similar to eyes... - These educations in the form of
at them on a head, - the doctor soccer betting, - not that other, as infra-red has toldsaid
Receptors. I and thought. The animal is capable to see in beams infra-red
Range which we do not perceive. - never heard about what similar.-
You never happened below, on a surface, - the doctor with great feeling continued
soccer betting. - Our own sight there is useless. Through a cloudy cover never
The sunlight does not get. The ground is slightly shone, but visibility no more than five
Meters, and the feeling of distance and a direction there constantly brings. - however,
If to look by means of a brain and sense organs of an animal, all this looksappears bright
And precise. - certainly, - the doctor soccer betting. has noded - But if soccer betting has come to be on
To the Earth, he, possibly, would appear is so blind, as well as we on Альтаире-6.
best soccer betting tensely listened attentively to their conversation, not hearing about what cooed itshis numberline
Mother and Amanda. At last he has left the diligence. - you are not hungry? - asked
Mother. - the dinner for you is ready, only tellsay. Yes, with us is going to to have dinner soccer betting-
move... best soccer betting still felt hungry rumbling in a belly soccer betting, all
PressureVoltage of a jump on a back of a huge antelope. He has shuddered, but not from a fright and
Not from suddenness. Simply for excitement. - yes, - he has responded at last. - I
_чувствую_ something like famine. The official name of the ship was "
L.Kelvin ", but members of the fifty families lived onboard, named ithim simply
"Village". He reminded nothing those streamline spaseships which best soccer betting saw,
Looking through on the screen art tapes. He did not resemble and on inconsistent
The rockets once investigatedresearched the Moon and planets of Solar system, which now
Was so far, as the Sun lookedappeared only shone point, as well as
Any other of millions stars, visible through windows of the ship. The ship
"Village" represented a cluster of spheres-bubbles from plastic and metal,
Connected among themselves pipes. Each sphere served or dwelling for one family,
Or any public center, for example library, a hall of assemblies,
Park. The crew of the ship was made by family from four person: the old captain
, itshis son, the daughter and . The fifth member of crew, not less important, than
Any of , was a ship computer. Rocket engines by the ship
Was not. Anyway, greaterbig. There were some tiny rockets
The orientations, allowed subjects or otherwise to push the ship at orbital
Flight or slightly to change itshis position. But the main engines were
Generators of a gravitational field, instead of rocket. A key to travel for limits
Solar system, to stars, has been found in the middle of twentieth century,
Though it was required hundred more years of researches and design development, that
To understand, how ithim to use. In the sixtieth years of the twentieth century
Astronomers have opened existence in space of black holes - places, where stars
till such small sizes, and a gravitational field so
Has amplified, that there was a turning the space. One of the first
The star probes sent from the Earth, started in the first decades twenty
The first century, has been directed to the black hole nearest from Solar system. A probe
Has disappeared. Fortunately, it was pilotless the operated ship-robot. But
He has appeared again! Later the amazedstruck astronomers of the Earth have fixedrecorded forty years
Radio signals of an old probe also have establishedinstalled, that he is on removaldistance nearby
Forty light years - much further, than allowed him to depart own
Power resources. From here a conclusion: extremely bent gravitational
The field of a black hole has somehow pushed a probe on distance in forty
Light years. And almost instantly! Forty years cunningly only on, that
The radio report of a probe with speed of light has returned to the Earth. That can make
The nature, can simulate and the person. Or even to improve. Sometimes. Still nearby
Forty years of hard work it was required to scientists and engineers, that after
Sets of failures to finish development of the generator of a gravitational field. Terrestrial
The ship, in effect, could raiseexcite curvatures of space of such type, what
Arise under influence of black holes and by that to push itself instantly through
Light years of space. The person could reachachieve stars now. Quickly. Cheaply.
Among physicists there were disputes, whether is valid the ships with gravitational
Generators move more quickly light. At many universities occuredhappened
Long debate during which it was not audible words on one of terrestrial
Languages, but kilometers of boards and screens in audiences became covered the equations.
When with the sixty families has onboard started to the sixth
To planet of a star Altair, physicistsphysics still continued to argue. Correctness was discussed
Such conclusion: though anything in the Universe cannot move more quickly light,
The gravitational generator allows the ship to disappear for an instant from the Universe and
Again to arise in her in other place, , probably, on some
Light years from a place of disappearance. In other words, the ship does not move more quickly
Light, even in spite of the fact that it also occurshappens! When best soccer betting
Told, how there has passedthere has taken place check, soccer betting fan all has addressed in sight and hearing. However,
Not absolutely everything, best soccer betting has suddenly realized. Something distracted ither. Pretty she was
The little girl, with long red hair and infectious sonorous laughter. When
Will grow, probably, becomes a beauty. As best soccer betting for six months was more senior
best soccer betting, he always concerned to her, as to the younger little sister. Is was
Is more tremendous, - he spoke. The dinner has terminated, and adults - best soccer betting's parents and best soccer betting-
SendHave passed to a drawing room. Two of them put in order a dining table, sending
Utensils in the wall hatch of a ultrasonic sinkwashing. - what there smells! It all the same,
What to live all life blindly... I wish to tellsay, that we much
We lose because of that our sense of smell not so is perfectabsolute as at soccer betting. - But you and
Really has killed one of these poor small antelopes? - has wrinkled носк
soccer betting. - small, as! - best soccer betting has blurted out. - and horns sharp. And in general, when
It is hungry... - That I do not understand, - have changed a subject soccer betting, - so it how
All your contact piece works. - all is simple, - best soccer betting has toldsaid. - Special
The group goes down on a surface, deafens an animal and implants a probe in itshis brain.
Then somebody in "Village" is connected to the equipment in laboratory of the doctor
soccer betting... Precisely as radio or TV, only here a direct communication from a brain to
To brain. Loweringomitting last plates in a sinkwashing, soccer betting has shaken a head: - I remember
Case when your father fell on a surface of a planet... Then Don
Has received wound. - there below heavy conditions, - best soccer betting has toldsaid. - for people. On
Any instant was established silence. Then soccer betting with a smile has looked on
best soccer betting. - there dangers, - he has added, - all kinds. Air is full poisonous
Gases, sunlight are not present, dangerous animals - soccer betting, poisonous birds and
Snakes... And radiation. - I know, - have toldsaid soccer betting. - Just therefore my mother
ConsidersCounts, that we should come back home. Альтаир-6 - not the best place for a life
People. - yes, - best soccer betting has agreed. - but and the Earth is not better. _ 3 _ soccer betting soccer betting sat in
To the spacious room. She simultaneously served as a study and inhabited
PremiseRoom with a lotplenty furniture and a thick mat from presenttrue
Grasses on a floor. Walls in the top part, being bent, were formed with a dome, top
Which seem openedopen directly in the sky. Actually, certainly, he was not
It is openedopen, simply the roof has been made from , strong, as the titan, and
Transparent, as air. In "Village" soccer betting was one of few bachelors. All
They lived in the same dome. Strangely enough, though among members fifty
Families " Villages " there were many lonely girls and unmarried daughters, unmarried
Men it was typedcollected all from half-ten. That ithim quite arranged. Having cast away
Back, the doctor soccer betting has loweredomitted a back of an armchair for resttour which has turned in
Similarity a box. Itshis sight was late on the middle of a dome, where in surrounding the ship
To blackness bright not flickering stars hung. The room has been shinedcovered by soft light,
Reminded spring twilight on the Earth. The stream of air informed a smell
New-mown grass. At desire soccer betting, simply having concernedtouched the button, could
To establishinstall in a room aroma of jungle or a pungent smell and noise of a sea surf.
soccer betting soccer betting fan liked to be in luxury, and he was shiningbrilliant enough ,
And the government of the Earth indulged ithim. Certainly, in the certain limits. Ithim
The hand has slipped to an armrest of an armchair, fingers have touched up to establishedinstalled there
Buttons. But not to change a smell. In the distant end of a room it was lit
The screen, on the board of a computer located near to the screen, bulbs.-
Data input for storage, - was quietly murmured by the doctor soccer betting, knowing, that
The microphone built in in a box would catch also whisper. - to enter hour and date of record.
Having looked at the screen, he was convinced that time and date were lit there yellow
Signs on a greenish background. - so, now data on today's are necessary to me all
To the examinee, . He has sat down, the armchair has developed following to itshis movement so.

Best soccer betting
That the convenient back for an instant has not come off a back. On the screen of a computer
There was a schedule, pulsing which lines specified a pulse rate, rhythms
Brain, best soccer betting breath and more many other things. - Following. A picture on the screen
Has blinked, and there was a new schedule. The doctor soccer betting long looked through the schedule for
The schedule, studiedinvestigated results of check. Then he has seenoverlooked videorecording that
Saw soccer betting while best soccer betting was with ithim in contact. When the screen has become empty, soccer betting
Has cleared the throat: - it is good, now record. - itshis voice became more loudly, more firmly, as if
He would speak before an audience full of students. - As all our checks with
Attraction of adults as examinees have ended with failure, we have solved
To investigateresearch an opportunity of use of children and teenagers from among living on
The ship. Earlier, at attempts to use adults for achievement of contact with
By animals on a surface of a planet, it has been establishedinstalled, that adults completely
Are unable to supportmaintain such contact. Deep hypnotic researches
Find out, that adults intentionally evade from effect " divisions
Consciousnesses ", generated by such contact. Differently, they cannot in
Sufficient degree to refuse own individuality, that even
Temporarily to admitallow penetration into the consciousness of individuality of an animal.
soccer betting looked at the screen of a computer, where with the same speed as he said
Them, were words. Somewhere in a corner of consciousness the desire to check up was stirred,
Whether the computer if he will start talking more quickly will be in time behind ithim. However he
Has restrained and continued a measured voice, not changing rate: - the Responsibility
For the decision on tests of children lays on me. Someone from experts-physicians and
Teachers of the ship has sharply opposed this idea, some parents also
Have forbidden to use the children as as they spoke, " experimental
Rabbits ". Five families have allowed to be tested to children. First two checks
Have ended with failure, boys of sixteen and fourteen years were tested
Accordingly. The third check spent today in the day, in which the examinee
Was soccer betting, it has appeared successful in every respect. soccer betting has kept silent.
" Now it is possible to start to load the child and to look, what loading he can
To accept. To look at all bulk , leaningbasing on small
The boy ". The Earth choked. People was too much. No, not so it is simple.
The mankind was not only is too numerous, but also is too separated.
Fifty billions human beings! The planet the Earth has been filled .
Cities up to inconceivable limits, thus hills were leveled, sea
Coasts were built up with buildings and motorways, the rivers were hidden under
The apartment houses which have shot up on kilometers up. Air became
Poisoned from pollution, the rivers turned to fetid foul places, even oceans
Died. Fifty billions person. Rich and poor. Belonging to different
To races and the nations. The government of the Earth undertook various attempts. All of them
Have appeared unsuccessful. It has tried to disarm all the nations and to make impossible
War. It tried to provide with a dining hungry, education - illiterate,
To create stability for all. Among other things, it tried to supervise
Growth of the population. It has failed. Rich did not wish to refuse the
Riches in favour of poor. Poor did not wish to domake by the job rich still
The richman. The nations hid arms and when the right moment has come,
The government of the Earth was . Wars have come back To the Earth. But not
Total, not nuclear - small wars. War for capture of rich delta of the river, where
Well fig. War for the control over deposits of uranium grows. War simply because of
That is too much people and not enough foodstuffs. On a greater part
The Earth only two types of a landscape prevailed: the overflown cities and
Agricultural . Woods, steppes, deserts - all has disappeared. Each scrap
Vacant ground it was cultivated for cultivation of cereals and vegetables. Exception
Made the most remote mountain areas, where very much few, most
Successful and rich people could leave for a short while on resttour to admire
The presenttrue trees and, probably to hear singing birds (the few which have managed
By this time to escape). Natural resources of the Earth have been almost settledexhausted. Coal,
Lain in the ground of hundred millions years, has completely disappeared, deposits
Are developedproduced, on their place there were only gaping scars . And these scars
Have soon been closed by a thin layer of artificial ground and are transformed into fields, let
And not so fertile. Stocks of heavy metals - iron, copper, uranium and others-
Were practically exhausted, them used up to the end. Without these resources destruction
Mankinds became only a matter of time. There were three opportunities, and
The despaired people have tried all of them. Have been developed as much as possible effective
Methods of secondary use of metals. But the certain percentinterest nevertheless
It was lost, and ways to save ithim did not exist. The seas, huge accustomed
Floating drags allocated minerals from sea water. But it has appeared excessively
Expensive business. On planets of Solar system and in a beltzone of asteroids were sent
Rockets with the purpose of extraction of minerals. Too it is very dearexpensive, basically that
By the ships it was necessary to use old inefficient rocket engines, and
Not the generator of gravitation. The generator of gravitation was authorized to be used only for

Good soccer betting
Limits of Solar system that itshis energy of turning did not influence on
Orbits of planets. Already more than hundred years people dreamed to leaveabandon the Earth and to find the new worlds,
To lodge there. But in solar system them has comprehendedovertaken stunningamazing
Disappointment. On the Moon there could be small colonies, no more that.
Natural resources for the big number of people was insufficiently. Venus, so
Attractive under a cloudy cover, it has appeared the heated world sandy
Hurricanes, on itsher surface there were no liquids, except for fused
Lead and aluminium. Mars was cold and dry, without air, without sufficient
QuantitiesAmounts of water, on him last representatives of local forms hardly survived
Lives. the Moon, and external planets, from the Floodlight up to was even worse,
Were unimaginably cold, possessed a shattering gravity and poisonous
Atmosphere. Their magnifiers were not better. And here the generator of a gravitational field has opened
Road to stars. Instead of nine worlds the mankind has suddenly received billions. Here
It, the decision of a problem: leavingcare to stars! Probes-automatic devices have found out tens
Planets similar to the Earth within the limits of hundred light years from Solar system.
For the first time for last hundred years on the Earth the world, as almost was everywhere established
Each nation had such opportunity, built a spaseship. Or even a little.
The nations united the resources more poorly and built the ships joint efforts.
Scientists, to the inexpressible pleasure, sendhave left from disgrace and became international
Intermediaries and arbitrators, All these black years of conflicts of scientists remained,
Perhaps, unique people who have appeared above national prejudices
And peacefully discussed the businessaffairs at the international meetings. Now hopes of all
Earthmen have directed to scientists: they should choose suitable stars and to direct
To them the terrestrial ships, and also - that it is even more important - to prepare each nation for the
Star. Scientists have carried out this problemtask, having shown all accessible to the person
Impartiality. And, that the most surprising, all their decision almost have made without
Objections. To stars! But all this has appeared not so simply. In Incorporated
Federations of Northern America reaching from islands held down by an ice of Arctic regions
Up to isthmus of Panama, it has been constructed six spaseships. First of them
Has gone to a way Itshis purpose was the sixth planet of a hot white star
Altair. Before staff of the ship, ithim sixty families, stood a problemtask
To prepare a planet for colonization. They should investigateresearch the world named
Альтаир-6, and to transform ithim so that he could accept millions people. On
To messages of pilotless probes, Альтаир-6 was similar to the Earth, only hardly less,
Therefore with some a gravity. The chemical compound of a planet was
It is similar to structure of the Earth. On itsher surface lotsplenties have been found out
Waters in a liquid status. The planet has been constantly closed by a cloudy cover without
Uniform gleam, but it only helpedassisted to shield a surface from
Ruthless heat of Altair also created conditions convenient for the person: a surface
Was warm, green and attractive. However, having arrived on a place, crew
"Villages" has found out a planet with a metane atmosphere unsuitable for breath,
Closed by grey clouds in which contained improbably complexdifficult
Hydrocarbonic molecules. - alive molecules... Viruses, - has toldsaid the main biologist
"Villages" doctor Anna Polchek. On a surface of a planet the ink darkness reigned,
Though the ground slightly fluoresced. Waters was much, but she has appeared so
SatedSaturated by ammonia and other chemicals, that people could not use herit.-
Could in clouds and chemicals in water, - captain Gannerson gloomily joked.-
Natural pollution of environmentWednesday. Interventions such грязнль, as we, any more
It is required. When people of "Village" after enough long orbital
Researches Альтаира-6 have understood, how muchas far as he is bad actually, they were going to in
Hall of assemblies to make a decision. The choice was insignificant: or to recognize defeat
And to return to the Earth, or to remain in an orbit and to try to change a planet
So that human beings could live on her. The head of expeditiondispatch
Have selectedelected doctor Holmena. He called to remain. - we can win this planet!
- He insisted. - we Can reconstruct ither for those millions our friends and native,
Which have yearned on the new world. Voting the decision to heed was accepted
To appeals and to remain. They will change an atmosphere, will clear water. Альтаир-6
Will turn in new . If local plants will appear tenacious and
Will prevent to grow up terrestrial cereals, they will be betraid to fire, and so or
Otherwise are destroyed. If dangerous animals will threaten a life of people, they also
Will be destroyed. However people could not work on a surface of a planet. There was
Too darkly and dangerously, and even in space survival suits they could not remain
On a surface it is more, than some hours in succession. Application of robots gave
The little have more: corrosion and uniquitous local vegetation so quickly
DeducedRemoved mechanisms out of operation, that they had not time to make anything useful. And here
On the doctor soccer betting soccer betting inspiration. On a surface of a planet lived
Huge animals. They can be used. in their brain probes and to operate
Them from the ship. And it has been made. On a surface special groups have loweredomitted
People in survival suits, they managed to deafen several animals and to implant in
Brain probes. Thus two persons have seriously suffered. All animals, excepting
One good soccer betting, were lost within several days after operation. Then
It was found out, that adults are not capable to keep in touch with animals. Then
soccer betting has decided to try youth of "Village", best soccer betting Holmena including. After
In an orbit around Альтаира-6 people of "Village" have reachedachieved six painful months
The first success: best soccer betting managed to contact with best soccer betting and to keep ithim. Peter
soccer betting, the doctor of sciences, was the geophysicist. More likely even the geologist. In itshis duty
Definition of structure nd the minerals composing a planet, in an orbit entered
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